How to Play Big Pocket Pairs in Online Poker

thetreehouseblue.comHow to Play Big Pocket Pairs in Online Poker. There is nothing better than the feeling you experience after seeing pocket aces or pocket kings at Judi poker table. This does not happen often, so when you get large pocket pairs, you should make sure you get the bank as large as possible. There is no “right” way to play large pocket pairs, this is completely situational.

There are three main ways to play preflop in your hands.

You can slow down the game, make a small bet or play very aggressively. This article tells you how to play preflop with large pairs in different situations.

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Slow playback Slow play is considered the most dangerous way to play Aces or Kings, since you have no idea what cards your opponents have. The odds of your opponent getting two pairs or a straight, even if the flop shows what appears to be junk, are too large to use this technique normally. The only time you have to stop Aces or Kings is that you are willing to risk entering, regardless of what the flop shows. The situation in which this technique will be used is that you have little battery and you will not survive simply by winning the blinds (from a big preflop raise). In this case, you must slow down the game in a large pocket pair and expect your opponent to hit the flop, which will allow you to pay.

Minimum bid The “3 big blind” bet will receive something of value in the bank, but it will also give your opponent the possibility of being called if he has a reasonable hand. This is an excellent way to play Aces or Kings (and possibly Queens or Ace King), as callers often need good hands to challenge. These hands are usually queen queen, queen ace, ace or ace ten. If the flop receives a card between Diez and Ace, you can bet the pot and continue to be called. This strategy will give you more return in your aces or kings than just winning the blinds, and this is relatively safe (for example, if they reach the top pair with 10 and have an ace-kicker, the only way to win is to hit 10 more) .

Playing aggressively Playing with your aces or kings will aggressively show the real power of the preflop.

Almost always, this will lead you to win the blinds without any doubt; however, if you receive a call, the only hands you must face are Aces, Kings or Ace Rey. This allows you to guess where you are in the hand after the flop. If you have kings and an ace is dealt on the flop, you are out of luck, and you should be ready to retire. If something else is allowed, you can continue playing aggressively and expect to be paid.