Online Poker Strategy Types

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thetreehouseblue.comOnline Poker Strategy Types. Most people still play poker to have fun, and when this happens, the thoughts of a detailed strategy usually come out of the window. However, in order to start learning poker strategy, you must understand four basic types of poker. These four types are listed below with a brief introduction of each of these.

Weak and loose

Poker players who are weak and free are probably the worst players in the world. A weak player is one who does not take the initiative very often in betting, but prefers to call with marginal hands towards the river in the hope of gaining happiness. Players who are free are players who do not distinguish very well when it comes to the beginning of the hand selection, and will often enter a bank with absolute rubbish like J-3, 2-4 and 4-9. These are the two worst aspects of a strategic poker game, and for this reason, a weak and free player is a player who can not do anything but lose in the long term.

poker indonesia

Weak and tight

The players who are weak and strong are slightly better than the weak and free. Tight players will play in good hands, and for this reason they often end up in the pot with very strong starting hands. However, when they are in the bank, the player will play these hands weakly, causing only when they should go up, if they do not have absolute nuts in a certain hand at a certain point. Players who are weak and dense are known as rocks in general, and although this strategy can make you extremely profitable in lower limits, it will lead to your possible demise if you play higher than that. For many poker players, being weak and tense, this is the season on the road to becoming a full-fledged poker player.

Strong and free

The players who are strong and free do not distinguish very well their original choice and, in addition, they will also be extremely aggressive in betting, they often cheat and get up with absolute shit to support their raises. They are often known as maniacs, and according to the strategy of poker, a strong and free strategy is better than a weak and tense one, because a strong and free player will win many false pots from the weak and tight.

Strong and tight

Strong and tense is the pinnacle of Poker indonesia strategy, and it is the poker strategy that is used by the vast majority of professional poker players. They tend to enter only in pots with good hands or hands that have great potential, and when they are in pots, they tend to play these pots aggressively. If you want to become a good poker player, your ultimate goal should be to emulate this type of poker strategy as best you can.